Welcome everyone to this month's issue of
    Carla Mary's ~ Connecting the tools for the Mind / Body / Spirit July 2017

We are now in mid summer time and outdoor activities.  Make sure to spend sometime in the outdoors to connect with
nature, meditate and do healing work.  The energies from being outside can boost your meditation.

I have been very busy the past months with my business, learning new healing modalities and starting new products that
are now for sale.  Some of the products are those that I offered years ago that I have brought back.

Enjoy this month's issue & happy mid-summer !

Blessings of love & light

Carla Mary

>  New sessions offered

Zen Facial Massage w/ Acupressure & Essential oils

This unique method that focus on skin rejuvenation, detoxifying and on a mental and emotional level. The session is a
blend of therapeutic massage, acupressure and essential oils.  Through the use of acupressure and massage, it
concentrates on opening the meridians that energize and assists in healing the face, head, shoulders and other areas of
the body.  By doing this to achieve a balancing and grounding effect.

Manual Lymph Drainage w/ Acupressure & Essential oils

This session incorporates both Western and Eastern Chinese manipulative soft-tissue and acupressure techniques to can
help with detoxification, stimulate circulation and reduce water retention.  

“I am” is a very powerful form for a mantra to take. Saying “I am at peace” makes it sound as
if you’re addressing just one little piece of your life. When you say, “I am Peace,” you’re
embodying the essence of peace completely.

>  New classes starting next month ... keep an eye on my schedule page for upcoming

> Summer special on referral credits ~ Double referral credits!

If you have been a client in the past or student of mine and refer someone to me for a session receive $20 credit off your
next session. The referral must be a new client and purchased a session with me to receive this referral offer. If you ever
had a session with me, you will know I always ask how you heard of me. At that time I will find out whom to give the
referral too. I will email you that you have a credit waiting. All credits are good for only up to 6 mo after notification that
you have one. All readings and sessions are confidential. If you are a new client and bring someone with you for a
reading or session and they receive a session at that time, you can receive $10 off your session with me.

>   New Products

All my new products are available on my Etsy store Moments are Blessed.  If you are in the Palmetto area and would like
to purchase by picking it up and save the shipping charges, please contact me.

  • 7 piece chakra healing crystal set
  • 7 piece chakra healing crystal set w/ selenite wand/stick
  • Spiritual auric cleaning and healing salts (Sea salt or Himalayan salt)
  • Selenite wand/stick
  • Crystal Pendants
  • Manifesting oil blends
  • Bye bye negativity spray  mist
  • Aura clearing spray mist
  • Meditation Blend
  • Chakra oil blends sets
  • Chakra oil blends
  • Essential oil blends
  • Himalayan salt scrubs and bath salts
  • Sea Salt scrubs and bath salts
  • Dead Sea salt scrubs and bath salts
  • Clear crystal points
  • White sage
  • Empowering and healing crystals
  • Plus more to come!

Aligning yourself with the most joyful reality in all aspects of your life.

Maintaining a balanced inner peace supports our alignment and receptivity for our most pleasurable reality.

This meditation will guided you through relaxation techniques and guiding you through manifesting possibilities into your
life.   You may want to have an idea of things that you would like to enter your life.  Examples: career, home, family, love,
finances etc.  But this is not necessary to do this mediation

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internet explore does work for this audio.