Happy Spring everyone!

Thank you for being you!  Remember you are special and unique and that is what you are and most importantly need to be.  
Radiate the light of divine through you and out into the world.  Shine your essence and embrace prosperity and abundance
in your life.  Staying in the positive and the light will allow you to move forward and to grow as a soul which will raise your

Letting go of the past, as it is no longer here and we can never have it back and embrace the present by seeing it as a gift
from spirit to be here.  We can only change the future and live for today.  Allow for own selves to move forward and to rise

This year is speeding by quickly, almost a quarter into the year.  If you have any suggestions on topics or ideas to write,
email them to me.  I am always looking for new ideas.

My sessions that I offer on healing can assist you on releasing emotional and energy blocks. I do offer Reiki classes on
teaching you a life long way to heal yourself and to be able to tap into the healing energy when needed. Contact me for
more information or visit my page on class schedule.

Blessings of Love & Light

Carla Mary

New office location in Sarasota

My new office location is near Sawyer Rd and Clark Rd.  

Massage, holistic healing therapies and my intuitive sessions are available at this location.   Contact me directly to
schedule your next session.  941-320-2687 or carla@carlamary.net

My location in Palmetto I will be doing only in person intuitive sessions.

                                                  Specials for the Month

    Your choice of either 1 hr therapeutic / relaxation massage or 1 hr reiki session $40

                                                          Classes for April

    Classes will be offered at my office in Sarasota starting later part of April and beginning of May.  Keep
    an eye on my web page of class schedule for more information.  I will be sending out email
    announcement and posting on facebook the schedule.

              My etsy store has grown and doing wonderful!

    Spring sale is going on all month.  10 % to 50 % off most items.

Take this time now or when you have a minute to do so ~ go to your front door and open it. Ask for the angels of the light
to be with you in your life, assist you, guidance you and protect you. Give them permission to be a part of your life. ~ Yes,
we do have to give them that because of our free will. Feel the difference in your home, the energy around you and all the
differences that this experience can bring.

                                  Please share with me know what you experienced ~ felt, saw etc.

Channeling Divine light to make changes that are needed in your life

Before listening to this audio make a list of all the changes that you truly feel that are needed in your life at this time.
Write them down on paper and make sure to take your time. You can write down one and then listen to the audio or write
down more than one, it will be all up to you. If you do not know what exactly ways you need to change things in your life in
order for things to move forward ~ write on the paper what you want in your life and with your intent through this guided
channeling, Divine and the Universe will assist and show you. It may not be immediate, but when your ready within hours
or days, you will be guided and shown. You can review this guided audio to assist in showing you what you need to know
and also empower you through channeling this form of manifesting.

Get yourself in a comfortable place, where you will not be disturbed. Place the list on your lap or in your left hand and your
right hand over the list. Then start the audio.  Please note that Foxfire does not play the audio without addons.  Chrome
and internet explore plays the audio.