Welcome to this issue of June's newsletter ~

What a beautiful time of the year when we are coming to the final part of spring and then entering into summer. June always
has been for me an energy empowerment month. The energy shifts during this time of year. In spring we plant the seeds and
in June we see the growth happening.

Take this season’s energy to visualize the light (white) surrounding you and empowering you when you need that extra boost.
Allow it to come through the crown chakra and down through all of the chakras. Entering through your legs and out your feet.
Filling your entire vessel with this empowering light. Now expand it around your vessel as it puts you in a bubble of light
energy. ~ Do this little exercise when you need a clearing and a boost.

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Healing and Releasing the Past Affirmation

This month's affirmation has to do with healing your past and moving forward. One reason why people don’t always realize
their full potential is because they are trapped in the past and are afraid of letting go.

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to live in the present when your mind is constantly traveling backwards.


I am at peace with my past. I choose to release the past now. I move forward by letting go of the past. I choose to forgive
myself and others. I am grateful and happy to experience new joys in life.

Say this affirmation before bed time and anytime you feel yourself slipping into old habits and memories you’d rather move
away from. It’s okay to have fond memories of days gone by, but remember that you are creating your life now.

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Start today by filling your heart and mind with love and positive thoughts. When you receive thoughts and feelings of hate
and anger, stop yourself and ask where is it coming from. Allow yourself to receive the answer or message to that question. It
may surprise you or you will recognize what needs to be healed within. Refuse the energy and emotion. Ask the Angels to
assist removing it from you. Tell yourself, the energy and the thought that is no longer needed in your life anymore. Take a
deep breath in and release out. With the thought and knowing that it is removed you can move forward. This is part of self-

Remember you have control of your thoughts and emotions that you feel and experience. They do not have control over you
unless you want them to.