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Thank  you everyone that has subscribed to my newsletter.  It has been almost 18 years doing the newsletter as this is my way of
giving back and my website.  Teaching others is my passion and gift that I love to share.  I want to express my heartfelt thanks to each
and every one of you. The light that shines through YOU is radiant, indeed. With intensity uncompromising and clarity unwavering, I
honor you. You are loved.

Spring is a time of transformation of dormancy of winter to the awakening of spring.  Spring symbolizes new growth and beginnings.  It
offers powerful opportunities for creativity, new growth and awakening.  

Mother earth prepares for new awakening life during this season and I encourage you to do as well.  Find out what your goals,
passions and desires are, if you have not all ready.  Put them into motion and plant your seeds for success in your life.  Spring gives us
opportunities to try new perspectives, explore original practices and open us up to unique experiences.

If you are experiencing the feelings of being depleted, at a standstill or discouraged, be willing to patiently explore new avenues to
honor your mind, body and spirit.  There is absolutely no reason in heaven and no limits on Earth that can stop you from achieving your
goals, realizing your dreams, and manifesting great good in all areas of life. You are here now to thrive and grow as a soul. Most
importantly, you came here to shine.

Blessings of Love & Light

Carla Mary
941-729-5142  941-320-2687

During a healing session you can expect
the atmosphere to be peaceful, safe, relaxing and calm.  In the session I will assist you in
releasing the blocks within you.  The blocks that are within can be from things that you have an attachment from; material things,
emotions, situations, people and anything from the past and or present.  Before the session the client can fill out an intake ahead of
time or inform me at the time of session what they feel that is blocking them.  It can be they are experiencing that is bring in dis-
harmony in their life.   By filling out the form on my scheduling page ahead of time will save time spent during the session on receiving
the information.

During the energy session, I will go through each one (time allowed) to be release, heal and let go through verbally and energetically
clearing.  Reiki and other energy techniques that I use in sessions will be performed during this session.

After the treatment my clients express to me a great relief, feeling energy lighter and clearer, peace of mind and over all well-being.  I
will go over things to do after the healing session to assist you on the healing and harmony on the mind, body and spirit.

This can be included during a intuitive session

    March Class Schedule

Saturday 17th  6 pm    $15 RSVP 3/16   Opening the intuitive mind
This is a guided mediation that will also allow you to open the intuitive mind.  It assists on opening the third eye and with practice will
allow for it to be open more effortlessly.   You will some ways of protecting your energy while being open intuitively and shifting your
energy to the intuitive level.   
Please arrive on time because we start at 6 pm.

During the class or if you cannot attend, you can purchase the meditation on
opening the intuitive mind $5

Sunday 18th 2 pm $20 RSVP 3/17 Gallery readings with a guided imagery mediation on meeting your spirit guides
We will start this event with a guided imagery meditation on meeting your spirit guides.  Then afterwards each will be given as a group
a mini reading.  R
ead more

Friday 23rd 7 pm $15 RSVP 3/23  Past life / Akashic records
During this event I will guide everyone into a deep relaxing state of mediation and guide you through your Akashic records and
reviewing a past life.  
 Read more
Please arrive on time as it starts at 7 pm and class cannot be interrupted.

Sunday 25th 9 am - approx. 5 pm $75 RSVP 3/22 Reiki level 1
Read about this class Price includes snacks, water and tea.
Start your journey on healing!

    Introducing new therapies

Rewind Effect Therapy
60 minutes $65  90 minutes $95

Manipulating the body’s natural energy that is effective on rewinding to a state of harmony and balance.

This unique way of the session releases and heals on many levels. It rewinds the mind / body / spirit to a state of balance and
harmony.  An approach of releasing techniques that are non-invasive and allows the individual to release and regain balance.  
Find out
more about this

Massage Cupping Therapy
60 minutes $65
Cupping is a powerful detoxifying, pain relieving and energy building modality that people all over the world use for health
Find out more about this

Crystal Massage Therapy
60 minutes $70

Heal your energy centers while healing your body

Experience this empowering massage that incorporates the use of the hand and many different types of large and medium palm size
crystals.  Crystals have been used as massage tools for many centuries.  They work on many different levels of our emotions, physical
body and spiritual bodies.
Find out more about this

Salt Stone Therapy
60 minutes $60
This holistic therapy is 60 minutes of using warm Himalayan salt stones that are deeply relaxing and many therapeutic benefits.
Find out more about this

Craniosacral Acupressure
60 minutes $60    90 minutes $90
Lymph Drainage w/ Acupressure & Essential oils
60 minutes $60    90 minutes $90
Zen Facial Massage w/ Acupressure & Essential oils
60 minutes $60   90 minutes $90
These session is approximately 30 – 40 minutes.  
You have a choice of adding to your 60 min or 90 min session one of the following.  90 minute sessions can add in two choices if time
allows.  Therapeutic, relaxation or deep tissue massage – focusing in on certain areas depending on time allowance.  (example: back
or neck and shoulder etc.) Reiki   or Cranial sacral therapy

Aroma Therapy Massage
90 minutes $95
A deep relaxing therapy that uses 8 different essential oil blends on certain areas of the body to create a soothing, balancing and
relaxing effect on the mind / body / spirit.
Find out more about this

  • Massage and holistic healing sessions located in Sarasota ~ Just off of I 75 and Fruitville Rd.  By appt only and available 7 days a
    week from 9 - 7 pm.
  • First time client special  $45 for either a therapeutic massage or Reiki session.  Your choice of 1 hr therapy.  One special per
  • Some healing sessions are available in Palmetto.   
  • For a complete list of all my Massage and Holistic Sessions
  • Add ons for massage sessions
  • All sessions are either 60 minutes or 90 minutes
  • I keep my pricing reasonable for all to enjoy the benefits of massage and healing sessions.
  • Contact me directly to schedule for appointments in Sarasota and Palmetto  941-320-2687  941-729-5142  carla@carlamary.net

    My Etsy Store is growing  ~ Moments are blessed

    I offer crystal hand made jewelry ~ handmade prayer/meditation/yoga shawl ~ meditation/healing/yoga throws (lap
    throws) ~ clothing ~ essential oil blends ~ crystals  and more    

    Specials for the month

    First time clients can choose either 1 hr Reiki session or 1 hr therapeutic massage  $45

    25 % off all decorative jars
    20 % off all crystals and jewelry

If you are local in the Palmetto FL area and would like to purchase and pick up items and save shipping charges, please contact me.  I
will send you a link to my web page to purchase the item and give you information on pick up location.

Do you know that our emotions and what we are doing in our life regarding situations and our attitude will attract which type
of guides and spirits that are with us?

We can attract either those of the light or those of the dark to us by our emotions and what situations we get involve with.  If we carry
with us negative emotions for a while we will attract the shadow to us. It is us that attract them to us and not the other way.  Even if
we carry sadness for a while, we will attract more of the shadow.  Even those with very negative aggressive and controlling attitudes
will more attract them than the light.  

There are spirit guides of the light and those of the dark or shadow as some will call them.  It is important to watch your emotions and
things that we do because we do attract them to us.  We all have to experience and have emotions, but for how long to carry them is
what can lower our vibration and cause blocks within ourselves.  

Even our environment and place that we are can have either or.  From these places we can pick up entities and shadow by being at.  
One of these places is bars because of the lower vibration of alcohol and that attracts lower entities and vibrations not to mention
shadow entities and disruptive spirits

    When using crystals, they are a powerful way to assist in changing your vibration.  They will assist in creating major
    changes in your life.  If you stay positive you will effect change more easily.

    Anytime you make a decision to change your life, you begin radiating different vibrations. These vibrations will attract
    people whose vibrations align with your own. Others can assist you in achieving succeed.

    Having an attitude of gratitude is very important to the entire process.

    Crystal of the Month ~ Jade

There are two crystals commonly referred to as Jade, they are Jadeite and Nephrite. Nephrite is an opaque crystal and is more
easily obtained than the translucent Jadeite. They both have similar properties. Jade comes in a wide range of colors that
include white, lavender, red, brown, yellow, orange, blue, and green. While all Jade has some healing influence, each color
relates more specifically to certain ailment or organs.

This stone has been used and known for attracting love.  
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One of the most important things to do during a meditation is to allow your spiritual and intuitive side to unfold.  It is all about
allowing your imagination to take place.  The most important thing to do is not to try to analysis anything during the meditation.  Some
say that guided meditation is like watching a movie on a screen.  Guided imagery meditation has you part of the events by
participating in or watching it.

Some individuals do not see images right away but will see colors, which are energy or just sense things.  It is the experience that
counts the most.  Feeling the emotions, energy, peacefulness and many other experiences that you can occur during meditation

It is so important not to push yourself to see things or expect too much right away.  This all takes time.

Having a party or event and would like to offer intuitive readings ... Contact me for more information.