I have wonderful news to share with everyone that I just moved into my new office in Sarasota.  Finally found one that I
can call home for my work and classes that I offer.  It is large enough for me to have classes and all the therapies and

Location:  5531 Marquesas Circle, Sarasota, FL 34233  By the intersections of Clark Rd and Sawyer Rd behind the
Sawyer Expo plaza.  

Available by appointment only 7 days a week from 9 am - 7 pm M -F and 9 am- 4 pm Saturday and 9 am - 1 pm Sunday

New pricing for all to enjoy my sessions.   Massage and Holistic Healing Sessions        Intuitive / Psychic Readings

Ask Carla Mary

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    First time clients choose either 60 min. relaxation/therapeutic/swedish massage or 60 min. Reiki session  
    $40 reg. $60

Schedule your session online.

Harmonizing Breath

This audio guides you through going within your heart chakra.

You will be guided to allow the loving energies to flow through you. This assists with balancing giving and receiving
loving energy. (use chrome or internet explore to listen. Fox fire does not open audio links)

My Etsy store - Moments are blessed

Special for this month!   25% off your total order of $30 or more      

If you are in the Sarasota or Palmetto FL area, you can purchase items directly through me and pick them up at my
locations.  Contact me directly to purchase.  Please note that items are prepaid before pickup.  Most of my items are
made to order and pickup can be within 24 hrs of purchase.

That forbidden and fearful 7 letter word ~ forgive

The main reason why some individuals do not more forward and hold onto blocks within; like emotions, people that may
have harmed them or had bad situations and etc.,  is the word forgive.

This word was instilled upon us through our lives and when we were young. I am sure you remember hearing forgive
everyone no matter what they did and this was usually through religion. How about instead of the word forgive, how
about let go or I do not allow it in my world and life no longer.

Make one of these or all your mantra ~ “You do not exist in my reality no more.” You do not exist in my life.” “I AM not
allowing it in my past, present or into my future no more.”

Visualize this energy leaving you, your body, your aura and your chakras. Send that energy in a bubble of white light.
Knowing it is no longer there. In your mind’s eye say “I release it to the light. It is no longer in my past, present or into
my future”.

Class Schedule

I am very excited to announce my location for my classes.  It is in Sarasota in my new office, which is large enough to
have my class for groups up to 20 people depending on the class.  

Please note with all my classes, please arrive on time so that you do not miss out on the class.  I do not interrupt the
class for late arrivals.  Please do not bring cell phones in the class and leave them in your vehicles.

    Meditation Wednesdays  ~ Each week we will be doing a guided imagery meditation.  The focus of each
    meditation will be on healing, spiritual and intuitive development.  $10 per class otherwise noted

More information about each class is at the link provide for the class.  RSVP through my online scheduler or contact me
at carla@carlamary.net  or 941-320-2687

The links to the class has more information about each one.  Some have online Cd audio that you can purchase

Wed. May 9th  7 pm Guided imagery meditation - Healing and clearing the chakras $10
Wed. May 16th 7 pm
Guided imagery meditation - New moon manifesting w/quartz crystal  $10 (bring your own
quartz) $12 (w/ meditation & purchase quartz)
Sat. May 19th 6 pm
Mini Gallery readings w/ GIM meeting your spirit guides and angels $25
Sun. May 20th noon  
Learning and healing the chakras $30
Wed. May 23rd 7 pm
Guided imagery meditation ~ Opening the intuitive mind $10
Sat. May 26th 6 pm
Past life / akashic records $15
Sun. May 27th 9 am - approx 5 pm
Reiki Level one $75
Wed. May 30th 7 pm
Guided imagery meditation - Full Moon Meditation and releasing $10
Sun. June 3rd 2 pm
Learn Psychometry $25


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