This stone is a type of Black Obsidian, that has an odd shape.  It is found in south western
United States and in Mexico.  They are volcanic stones and can be partly transparent, dark brown
to black in color.  The name comes from a legend of American Indian.  When the tribes were
pursued by the cavalry, though they fought back bravely they were outnumbered.  Rather than
being captured, they jumped off the cliff to their deaths.  The women of the tribe cried dark
tears of grief, which fell to the earth and formed into these dark shaped stones.

It is used for grounding and protection.  Also, heightens our awareness to recognize negative
situations.  It absorbs negative energy just as Black Obsidian does.  It cleanses the auric field of
any negativity that is in it.  Since this stone does absorb negative energy it will need to be
cleansed more regularly.

The use of this in healing work or as a healer will assist in the spiritual development work.
Associated with the base chakra, it moves energy down to the earth to ground.  Working with
this stone and the sacral chakra will assist in the removing of disharmonious energies in
relationships.  With the heart chakra, assists the emotions to heal the things that the individual
has been holding onto.  It balances the emotional nature and protect one from being taken
advantage of.  

When carried as an amulet it stimulates the success in business endeavors.  It is also used to have
more clearer visions and increasing psychic abilities.

Assists in:

  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Clearing negative emotions
  • Stimulate success in business endeavors
  • Clearer visions
  • Increasing psychic abilities

On the physical level it can help with the following:

  • Immune system
  • Assimilates vitamin c and d

Chakra Associated with:

Astrological signs associated with:

  • Scorpio
  • Aries

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