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Dream Interpretation

Do you have dreams that you just can not figure out but you know they have a meaning?

Most of our dreams are information or communication from many different sources.  They can be from our higher
self or as some call our soul  and subconscious self.  It may also be messages from our Spirit guides, angels and  
even loved ones that have crossed over to give us a message.   

Our dreams can be as simple as saying hello.  But at time they can be messages to show us how situations
actually are. The dreams can  even be  how our emotions have been but we are not realizing. You may even
experience dreams that are foretelling future events.   Some may have dreams of things that they should be
doing on different levels.

Dreams can contain many messages or even just one.  But it is given to us like a play or a story.  This is mainly
because we would remember it more.  If you were given a sentence of information that you needed to know in a
deep sleep the chances are you probably would not remember it.  So in order for us to remember things they
will show it in the way that they do.  But at times they just do not make any sense.  It is more like a riddle
than a
message.   The most important thing is to write your dream down as soon as you wake up.  If by chance you
remember things through out the day or things pop in your head about it make sure to write it down.

To order a dream interpretation please supply the following information:

I have included some different types of things that you could have experienced in the dream. This also might
refresh your memory of the dream.  Please include everything about the dream so that I may interpret it.   
Also, please let me know is there anything that is currently happening in your life presently?  Possibly that is
upsetting, unpleasant, frustrating or happy?  Is this a recurring dream?  Any information that could be helpful
for me to know about you and your dream.  Please note  this is a dream interpretation not a psychic reading on
your life - that can be done also but for additional fee.

If you had this in the dream - please email the information with your order and any additional information.  
These are just some of the examples of things that can be in dreams.

How did you feel when you woke up from this dream ( example: excited, fear, anger, out of breath . . etc)
What colors were things in the dream - (example: color of a car if you were driving one in the dream,
bathtub and it was white.. etc)
Did you recognize anyone in the dream?  What are their personalities in life and your relationship with
them?  Were they different in the dream than in person - if so how?
Were anyone in the dream from your childhood?  
Did you see yourself in the dream?
Did you view others in the dream as if you were not involved in the dream?
If you were in a home - do you know who’s home it was?
If you were in a home - were in the home and what level floor (example: kitchen, bathroom, upstairs,
attic, basement  etc)
If you dreamt of the home - what was the décor and also wall color etc?
Did you dream of a school - and what grade were you in?
Where there any animals?  What were they doing and did they look different than normal?
Did you fly in the dream?
How were others acting or saying in the dream?
What were you thinking in the dream?
What emotions were you feeling in the dream?
Did you dream of water?
What color was the water?
What type of movement was the water doing?
Was there any thing in the water?
Do you dream of a car?
How was the driving?  Where were you when you drove?  Was there any car problems?
Was there a road or path you were on?  What did it look like? (example: road was cracked, uneven,
straight, ran off a cliff etc)
Did the dream remind you of anything?

Each dream that you submit is 15.00.  You will receive an emailed interpretation of the dream. Please supply