As Jupiter is the largest plant, we will be feeling a lot of changes when it goes retrograde. Jupiter rules the sense of well
being, of being ageless, living forever, being immortal and those that like to party. Those that will be affected the most are
born September 6 through the 13th - Virgo and those born on September 10th that receive the energy of this planet. In the
opposite sign, Pisces, March 4th through the 12th with those born on March 8th receiving the full energy of this planet. If
you have a natal Jupiter retrograde, then this is a great time for you! You are in your element and will make out quite well
during this time frame.

The definition of Jupiter and it rules: Jupiter is considered the great benefit. The guardian angel. The good guy. Fortune.
Money. Deals. Largess. Fat. Obesity. Arteries. Bulimia. Benevolent. Expansive. No boundaries. No banks. Unlimited.
Optimistic. Gambler. Exaggeration. Excess. Broad minded. Misjudgment. Adventuresome. Expanding (as in the waist line).
Risk taker. Growth. High education. Philosophical. Metaphysics/higher mind. Overindulgent. Growing. Tumors.
Pompous/arrogant. Know-it-all. Liver. Cholesterol. Plaque. Visionary. Explorer. Cosmopolitan. World-traveler. Foot-loose-
and-fancy-free. Contracts. Agreements with lots of money. Enrichment of one's life. Educational curiosity. Happiness.
Epidemics of any kind, whether natural or terrorist-made. It is the key trigger for a massive epidemic to begin.

How will this affect us the most - It will bring in more emotions of feeling vulnerable and gloomy. NOW remember that all
retrogrades are time to do some inner work and work on all aspects of life, it does not mean it to be bad - it is how you make
of it and spend that time and energy to turn around for the best!! This information will give you tips on how it is affecting
others and maybe you too. Jupiter retrograde gives us a huge does of reality check this time around, which is a good thing
for everyone. If you can approach this period in this spirit, which is the most positive way to do it, then you see that you
have time to finally finish off a lot of projects that have been hanging fire because you just haven't had time to finish them
off (because there has been so much on your plate). It is the perfect time to remain close to home, make friends with your
neighbors, have block parties, talk and share, and communicate. It is a time to build a new paradigm of working within your
own community. By doing this, we stay strong and so the fabric of the globe stays that way, too. Instead of intolerance,
let's learn how to practice tolerance. This is a clean up, fix-up, finish-it-up time. The phones aren't going to be ringing off the
hook as much. People are going to be wanting less from you. It gives us all breathing room to work on favored projects,
ourselves, our children, or our business, now, as never before. Things are going to quiet a lot out in our world in some ways
and that's good news we all get a rest and a reprieve. This is a time to withdraw your energy, rest, and let what you have
put forth and 'out there' work and gestate on a cosmic level, so that when Jupiter does go direct  you will then receive the
good news from all your hard work and gestation. With Jupiter retrograde, money will be TIGHT to nonexistent. Or you will
put your money into practical things, such as antibiotics for your family, buying a homeopathic kit, putting away more
canned food and dry goods such a beans and rice, instead. You become the "ant" and not the "grasshopper" during this
period. If you try to find a job, you won't or if you do, you won't stay there long or it will change in some respects from
what you expected it to be. Jobs, in general, are going to dry up during this period so it's not a good time for anyone to jump
ship and try to find another job. Stay put and haul your load for now. There will be better times in the future coming for you
to leave a job if you're dissatisfied with it. If you tried to get a loan, you may. With the interest rates low, it may be a good
time to float a loan, try to sell a house but don't expect miracles and don't expect to make tons of money on such a
transaction because you won't. If you tried to expand your business, it may fail or it won't be successful as you had hoped it
would be. This is the WORST time to try and start up a business. If you tried to do any type of expansion on any level, it did
not occur. It won't with Jupiter retrograde. During the retrograde, you may become arrogant, better-than-thou, a know-it-
all, or not listen to the wise counsel of spouse, friend or business cohort (and you should, but you won't). You can become
small-minded and even mean-minded toward others that you generally, in a Jupiter direct, embrace with prejudice so be
careful in these areas and respect everyone, regardless of how you really feel inside yourself. We must practice tolerance,
not intolerance. The positive side of Jupiter is: Generosity to ourselves as well as to others. Cosmopolitan--no one is more
broad minded and lacking prejudice than a Jupiter person. They are not "small minded" like so many others. They are world
travelers, world-minded, and world-connected as no other planet. Virgo and Pisces who understand at the deepest levels
about world and family connection. Jupiter does not see skin color, religion or country of origin. To Jupiter people, we are all
one. We are all related. And the only way we will survive is with this cosmopolitan attitude. That is the positive side of
Jupiter. We can use the high side of the Jupiter retrograde and find the "pearls in the garbage" so to speak. For every
situation that seems hopeless, dig into it and find that pearl, and draw it out into the light and share it with others. People
who naturally have a Jupiter retrograde in their chart are going to become our leaders, our 'flashlights' in this trying time of
the next 5 1/2 months. They know how to find those pearls! With Jupiter going retrograde, we have the opportunity to find
the 'pearls' right under our feet and noses, too. So, start looking down and right around you. Many of the answers you seek
are as close as your neighbor, your neighborhood and community. Start making those contacts and connections. You won't
be sorry, and it will dissolve the intolerant angle that Jupiter retrograde can bring. Above all, Jupiter retrograde gives us a
time to reflect in what we really believe in and what we're practicing (or not) daily. This has to come into oneness. Those
spiritual should continue their individual practice to bring light and peace to our world; every drop in the bucket, by every
individual counts more than ever before.

Jupiter is retrograde for 120 days and stationary for approx. 10 days

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