Items are available to you once you have paid through pay pal and I receive
confirmation that it has gone through, please allow up to 48 hours for processing.

All sales are final / no refunds.
Now introducing a wide range of products to assist you in
connecting the tools for the mind / body / spirit
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Guided Imagery Meditations CD's online
Each guided imagery meditation that you purchase, you may listen to them on line unlimited times.   
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Numerology & Astrology charts
Astrology Natal/Birth & Career/Professional Chart and Numerology charts.  Click here to find out
more about the charts and to place your order.
Dream Interpretations
Do you have dreams that you just can not figure out but you know they have a meaning?
Most of our dreams are information or communication from many different sources.  They can be from
our higher self or as some call our soul  and subconscious self.  It may also be messages from our Spirit
guides, angels and even loved ones that have crossed over to give us a message.    
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Online Courses
Offering courses to take.  I have been asked for years to offer classes for those that are not near
where I am so that they may learn.  Now you can learn right from your computer.
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Spiritual Aura Cleansing Bath Salts ~ Himalayan or Sea Salt
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Chakra Healing Crystal 7 piece set
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Selenite sticks/wands
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Empowering and Healing Crystals ~ Reiki Attuned, Dedicated & Programmed
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Crystal Pendants
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Some orders can be purchase and picked up at my Palmetto FL location instead of having them mailed
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Manifesting oil blend
Essential oil blends
Bye Bye Negativity sprays/mists
sage, palo santo, cedar, sandalwood and more
Aura Clearing spray
Salt scrubs & salt baths
Meditation oil blend
Chakra oil set & chakra oil blends
Create your own bath salt / scrub blend