What is Psychometry?

Have you ever touched someone or something and received images or thoughts in your mind immediately?  If you said
yes, you have experienced this ability.  It is the ability to interpreting the energy impression or what some call
vibrations from certain things.  

Psychometry is also referred to as psychic touch.  This ability is connected to clairsentience and clairvoyance.  The gift
of clairsentience is one that we all have to some degree.  It is the feelings that you receive from others or things.  The
feelings of positive or negative from people or things.  Such impressions can be perceived as images, sounds, smells,
tastes - even emotions.

Every object possesses vibrations that reflect its entire history. When you are open to sensing these vibrations you
can pick up on the objects past.  Not only does it deal with receiving information of the past but the present and
future can also be revealed. This ability to places as well so that you can tune into past events when you are receptive
to the vibrations of the place.  This ability is most often used in missing person cases.

For example, a person who has psychometric abilities - a psychometrist - can hold an antique glove and be able to tell
something about the history of that glove, about the person who owned it, about the experiences that person had
while in the possession of that glove. The individual may be able to sense what the person was like, what they did and
even how they died. Perhaps most important, the person can sense how the other person felt - the emotions of the
person at a particular time. Emotions especially, it seems, are most strongly recorded in the object. The individual
may not be able to do this with all objects at all times and, as with all psychic abilities, accuracy can vary, but the
ability is available to the psychic.

Most teachers recommend this as the first step. This ability can be mastered within several months and leads itself to
a natural progression toward learning more challenging skills.  The most  important thing is to be confident that you
will gain accurate psychic impressions when you handle the object with practice. It's also important not to try to
figure out stereotypic  histories of the object, not to analyze and interpret your impressions to find if they make
sense. It's better to simply observe all the impressions that come into your mind and describe them without clinging
to them and without trying to control them. Often the most unexpected images are likely to be most correct.

In this class we will experience:

Getting into a deep state to be open to your intuitive mind
Learning about psychometry and how to use it
Experiencing exercises on using this technique
Experimenting with objects that are brought in to the class

Please bring in objects to the class for everyone explore with, but do not let anyone know whom they belong to.
Objects to bring would be jewelry, picture, letters and etc.  Also, have objects that you know that may have
impressions/energies from another.  Please DO NOT bring anything of value, I will not be responsible for anything
that you bring if anything happens to it. You will also learn to feel crystals to experience their energy.

This is a class that all will be able to do hands on work and everyone must participate. This class is for all levels to