Reiki level one is designed for everyone at all ages.
                        I highly recommend this to everyone that wants to heal and empower their lives.
                                               The first step on your journey of healing.
                        Reiki One is known as ‘Healer, heal thyself before you heal others’

You do not have to be doing healing work on others or plan on it to take this class.  This is for empower yourself.  
You can do the healing work on your self or if you choose friends, family, animals and nature ~ the choice is up to

The first level Reiki attunement stays with you for the rest of your life. You can tap into the energy when ever you
need it - that is the blessing and gift that the universe gives us.

In this class you will:

  • Learn what is Reiki
  • The history of Reiki - Dr. Usui and other Reiki Master Teachers
  • The different levels of Reiki
  • What to expect and experience with the healing with Reiki
  • How to clear your energy, aura, home and sacred space energy and  energy protection.
  • You will experience a meditation on chakra healing and clearing which you will be healing yourself during this
    meditation & will have a copy of this meditation for you to listen to anytime.
  • Receive your first attunement
  • Learn about the chakras
  • Learn what crystals, essential oils, sounds, mantras and colors are associated and can be used during healing.
  • Learning hand positions on your self and doing an self healing
  • Learning hand positions on others
  • Experience a group healing - working on others and you will also be receiving a healing

This is a full day class of learning and healing. Everyone that attends the class will be required to participate in the
class activities.

You will receive for attending: the first level attunement, a booklet on Reiki I that I made, a link to my web page for
you to listen to ‘Reiki 1 guided self healing ~ guiding you into step by step hand placements,  and a certificate of

I will provide a light lunch for all that attend, water and snack.

Three days before the class to prepare -
which is recommended to do but if you can not that will be up to you.
This is to enhance the Reiki attunement affect and to allow for more chi energy to pass through.
Some of the things you may want to do - try to drink plenty of water, if you drink caffeine try to eliminate or cut
down as much as you can or at least a day before if possible, if you smoke try to stop or cut down as much as you
can and not smoke the day of the class, do not drink alcohol or take any recreational drugs before the class - if you
are taking prescription meditation please continue to do so that is fine, do not stop taking it and try to eat healthy
or organic.
Mostly - stay away from things that will and can harm your physical and especially harm your energy.

There is a
minimum to have this class.  Private class is available ~ please contact me for cost.  Check my class
schedule for dates.

Class time - depending upon amount of students and participation in class


Attending my class at my location $75 each student

Private class for one student $300

Private group class for you, friends and family.  Either at your location or my space.  Please note that traveling
charges may be charge, contact me with location.  Please contact me with how many are interested, date  and
location you would like the class to be.  I will quote you a price. Class usually runs from 9 - 5 depending on amount
of students and participation in class.  To hold the date for the class, the total amount of the class will need to be
paid to secure that date.  I will send an invoice with the total amount.  

  • I do allow teenagers with parents attendance to come to the class - please contact me on the special rates for
  • If you would like a private class for you and your family (children) contact me - I do offer a special price and
    class is designed for the age group.
  • Reiki students who have completed up to the level II class with me may review Level I or II for a reduced fee.
    Advantage of this is the more attunements that you receive the more clearing work that will happen and also
    that you will be able to experience the class in whole again. - Please contact me to see if space is available in the
  • All my classes are taught from my home.  Please be advised I do have cats that are kept in a separate room.
  • Please note ~ that all classes and events are subject to changed if I feel it is necessary.  There is a minimum and
    criteria for me to have a class or event.  If the minimum and criteria is not met I reserve the right to decide to

I do not offer CEU credits for any of the classes.