Now you can experience a healing session with me without even being present.  The therapeutic and healing
effects of Reiki and energy healing is not limited to being only in person to receive the benefits.  

Healing energies are channeled on a universal ~ spiritual level/plane. It is not subjected to time, space and
limitations.  The energy will be received where it needs to go.   Reiki practitioners are taught to heal for
others that are absent in level two.  I am a Reiki Master/Teacher for almost twenty years and teaching,
healing  and assisting others to heal and grow on a Mind / Body / Spirit level.  Long distant healing can
be done from a distant with the same beneficial, calming and re balancing energies that you would
experience if you were in person.

Distant healing maybe for you if:

  • You live too far away to come in for a session.
  • You are too sick or in too much pain to travel, hospitalized, or other reasons you can not travel.
  • Your schedule is too busy. (I will ask that the healing comes to you as you lay down for the night. )
  • If you have a child under 18 yrs old that needs healing and they can not sit still through a session in
  • Someone that is  seeking  ways to heal and transform those things that prevents them from
    expressing their true self.

The feed back that I receive from my clients from healing sessions is that they still feel the healing energy
and working with the channeled energy from 2 wks to up to a month from the session.  It all will depend
on your healing experience.  The more a person lets go of emotions or situations that arise after a session
(or were there before the session) the longer they can work with the energy ~ or to say, allow the energy
to work with them.  

     Preparation for a Distant Healing Session

This session is the same as if you were to come and see me in person but you are not physically with me.  

When it is time for your session, it is preferable for the client to be able to during the time either to be
relaxing, meditating, napping, right before sleep time, early in the morning before they awake or laying
down during the session.  We all experience hectic lives, if you are not able to do that at the scheduled
time, that is fine too. I will ask that the healing comes to you as you lay down for the night.   The
energy will be sent to you and you will receive the benefit of it at a time that you are more relaxed.  

I will forward to you after the session certain things that may assist in the healing process after a session,
just as you would receive from me verbally when you come to see me in person.

During the healing session I use the following techniques:

  • Reiki
  • Scanning the layers of the auric field
  • Clearing the auric field
  • Balancing and clearing the chakras
  • Running and clearing the meridians
  • Removing stagnant energy
  • Opening the crown chakra to allow for clear flow of chi
  • Opening the feet chakra to allow for better connection with grounding
  • CranioSacral
  • Prayer work

Each session is unique and offers exactly what the client needs at that time. When the session is activated
and in progress, the client may feel sensations such as; pulsing, tingling, twitching, warmth, energy
sensations, emotions surfacing and waves of energy just to name a few.  You may or may not perceive
sensations during a healing, but the energy is received just the same.

The services and information on this website are offered to compliment and enhance medical advice and treatments.
Reiki distant and remote healing is not a substitute for medical care. I strongly advise you to contact a licensed
physician for any medical concerns. It is not to be used as a substitution, contradiction, or replacement of medical

Long Distant Healing