Meditation with Indigo Gabbro

Explore the wonderful and amazing stone of Indigo Gabbro through this guided meditation.   Each that
attends will receive one stone to use in the meditation and to take home with them.  You will be
guided into deeply relaxation state and guided through a meditation of learn and exploring what this
stones messages has for you.  The meditation will be on areas that this stone will find that are
needing your attention (blocked), answering a deep question that you may have (make sure to bring
to class a question you want answered or you can ask for it to show you what you need to know ~
visit my
webpage to look at the information on the stone and that will assist you in what you want
to explore) and allow us to make that connection between earth and spirit realms.

All that attend must participate in the class.  Please arrive on time, we will be starting on time and
will not interrupt the meditation to bring someone in if they are running late ~ please understand.  I
always recommend arriving about 15 minutes or so early to make sure you are on time.

Please bring an open mind and heart to the class ~ positive chi is the best.

COMING SOON ~ online meditation cd
Preparing yourself for my meditations