'Past life Meditation helps you to know who you truly are from inside. The knowledge about the experiences in your past
lives brings a new meaning to your present existence and enhances your belief in yourself. Past life regression helps you
excel in your present life by giving you glimpses of how you lived in your past lives.'

This mediation on past life gives contact to the memories of lives prior to this one.  Each of us have lived other lifetimes
which is called reincarnation.  We reincarnate in order to learn more emotions and experiences.  During each lifetime we do
experience different situations but it is how we handle each of them that matters the most.  We do carry over from past
lifetime issues that deal with emotions and situations that we need to still learn and heal from.  So many of the hang-ups
and phobias you may have today are likely to be a result of what happened in a previous life. Even your present financial
circumstances, relationships and health are a result of past experiences. Every time you enter a new body you carry with
you these emotional scars which just get compounded with each new life. Amazingly now you are in a position to correct all
of these problems that have been building up each time you incarnate.

You may experience and each are unique:

    Learning lessons that your dealing with in this life time.  
    Past life journeys can be of different genders, ethnic origins and social status.  
    Some that have done this with me have even experienced lifetimes not even from this earth plane.  
    Receive and meet with your Spirit guides, masters and teachers.
    Learn your souls ~ life purpose.
    Access past, present & future information.
    Release limitations & patterns
    Empower yourself to transform relationships, career and other aspects of life.
    Access peace as a way of life.

What you will experience during this time:

I begin by starting out by describing different things that you may experience while you are viewing your past life.  Then a I
will Guide you through steps into deep relaxation and opening your intuitive minds eye.  Guiding everyone to play detective
through out their experience by looking for information; dates, places, profession, your age, name, gender, people around
you and much more.

In the past life, we will ask to be released and healed from any karma or things that need to be healed and let go.  By doing
so that we maybe healed and released from these things that maybe holding us back from past life.   The group will be in a
moment of healing energy to heal and empower themselves.

During this time you will also meet with your Spirit guides to assist you in visiting your past life.  You will view your library of
records of all your previous lifetimes.

After viewing the past life I will have you ask your Spirit guides to tell you what was the meaning of that life time. (the
theme)  We will then move forward into this lifetime to find out future events. Then we will visit our soul group, which will
take you in between each lifetime.

You will not have any doubts about the authenticity of your memories when you experience regression. Everything will be
so vivid that it will feel as if you are still there! But however amazing the vivid images are and you really do feel you are
'there'; you will feel a wonderful feeling of freedom as the old emotional conditioning which is holding you back in this life
is released.

After the mediation each shares their experience with each other.  Everyone will receive a paper to write down what they
saw so that they remember.

Class usually last for about 2 hours depending upon attendance.

Before you come to the class, click here to read how I do my meditations and to prepare for
Past Life / Akashic Records Meditation