Ordering Products for
Pick up only in Palmetto FL
Some of my items for sale are available for pick up in Palmetto FL instead of mailing items to you
if you prefer instead of paying shipping charges.

First you will need to make payment for items that you are requesting.  Since most of the items
are made to order, please allow 1 - 2 days processing due to my schedule of time to prepare
items.  When order and payment goes through paypal and I receive notification from them, I will
email you or contact you with times and location for pick up.  Please note, I do not deliver or
meet at a different location.  At that time I will send you my location address in Palmetto FL.  
All sales are final after receiving items.

Spiritual aura cleansing and healing bath salts ~ sea salt  $12

Spiritual aura cleansing and healing bath salts ~ Himalayan salt $14  

Chakra Healing Crystal Set $20

Chakra Healing Crystal Set with selenite wand $23

Selenite wand/stick $5

Crystal Pendants  ~

Empowering and Healing Crystals  ~ purchase